This is the homepage for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Norway, administered by the national coordinator for the informal network of CSA in Norway. This CSA project is part of Organic Norway and funded by the Norwegian Agricultural Agency (Landbruksdirektoratet).

Organic Norway is a national, democratic membership organization working to promote organic consumption and agriculture in Norway. CSA is one of the priority projects of the organization since it is a great example of a model which connects farmers and consumers.

Organic Norway has been working with the CSA model since the beginning of 2000, before the first CSA was established in Norway in 2006. Organic Norway perceive this as an interesting and important model for promoting more knowledge, production and consumption of organic produce. CSA represent a unique opportunity for the farmer to be in direct contact with the consumers, and it is a great arena for creating new alliances between the agricultural sector and consumers, as well as for social communities. For more information about Organic Norway, please visit our homepage.

CSA in Norway The Norwegian name for CSA is andelslandbruk, which can be translated to “shared farming” in English. Although some farms did have experience with box schemes for organic vegetables and self-harvesting, the first real CSA was established in 2006 at Øverland CSA in Bærum, at the outskirst of Oslo.

Over the last years, the number of Norwegian CSAs has increased from aroundt 15 in 2014 to 92 active CSA's in oktober 2020. There are still CSAs under construction and several others who consider starting up.

For more information about the history and development of CSA in Norway, please see URGENCIs report Overview of CSA in Europe published in May 2016.

This webpage is in Norwegian, but if you want to use for instance Google translate, we have made a short overview of the main content of this webpage to help you a long here:

- What is CSA in Norway? A quick overview

- How to become a CSA shareholder

- How to start a CSA - the main steps

- Map over CSA farms in Norway

- Contact information

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