Local Buzz Andelsbirøkterlag

Local Buzz is all about bringing people together through beekeeping and promoting local honey production. It aims to demystify the practice of beekeeping and familiarise citizens with pollinator communities!

Local Buzz Andelsbirøkterlag

Local Buzz is founded by Idil Akdos, the project coordinator of Oslo Living Lab, which is an NGO operating in Grønland/Oslo creating green jobs for minority youths. The hives are located at Tak for Maten, Oslo's first rooftop farm, where youth work as urban farmers and beekeepers. After training a team of dedicated youth as beekeepers for several years, Idil and her team won a silver medal for their honningdugg honey at NM i Honning in 2020, which boosted their belief that city honey production can offer diverse benefits in the urban setting. As such, Local Buzz has a goal to create a conscientious community around the practice of beekeeping.

To determine the appetite for such an initiative, the Local Buzz team created a questionnaire, and as a result, found out that the experience of beekeeping offered a higher motivation to join the Andelsbirøkterlag than local honey itself! Therefore, Local Buzz takes into its core the ambition of familiarising citizens with the practice of beekeeping, involving them in the process through low-threshold activities and mentoring them to explore and discover what happens inside a hive and overall, the significance of pollinator communities.

The initiative offers two membership packages, one basic and one hands-on. Both packages contain a webinar, a hive-share (10 people to one hive), and a harvesting workshop. As such, every member is offered knowledge and experience about beekeeping, as well as honey. What distinguishes the hands-on membership is the possibility to attend hive inspections and thus, link theory with practice for a wholesome learning experience and development of practical skills.

We hope that this initiative will help new beekeepers to emerge and flourish, and inoculate all shareholders with an appreciation for ethically produced, clean, and local honey.